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Life can be hell inside a cell

Does the thought of spending a few nights in jail seem like something you can handle ? After all, how hard can it really be…

Have you ever thought about the living conditions and the level of treatment that our prison system really gets? Take a look at these top reasons why Jail is no place to spend the night, and why you will want to Bail Out As Quickly as Possible !

THE FOOD: If you have ever eaten "jail food," you know that it makes hospital food look like it came from a gourmet bistro.

THE HEADCOUNT: Officers at the jail/correctional facility have to take a count numerous times throughout the day.

THE LONELINESS: In jail, you will probably not be surrounded by your friends. You don't know anyone and yet you are locked up with these strangers for days or months. There is also limited time to utilize a free telephone. After being processed and fingerprinted, you will be moved to a regular housing area where the majority of the telephones only allow collect calls to be made. When you feel like you have been alone for days with no one to talk to, that is exactly what they want, and they don't care.

THE BOOKING PROCESS: Time passes slowly. The booking process (mug shot and fingerprinting) can vary. Then you will be moved from the intake area to a transitional housing area where everybody who has been arrested, who has not bonded Out will stay until they are moved to a correctional facility, until their next court date or they are bonded out.

THE PLUMBING: There is no privacy in Jail. You just have it get used to it. These conditions are as bad as it gets! (Even port-o-potties are better!)

THE CELL-MATES: No matter what charge you are brought into jail for, you could have a cellmate who has a long and violent criminal history – he could even be charged with murder. (At least you will have some stories to tell…if you get out first.)

THE MEDICAL CARE: If you are sick, it could take several days before you are seen by a medical professional. If you have a specific medical condition that requires attention, you may as well get used to the lack of care and attention, and hope to get out soon!

THE COURT DATE: If you are charged with a misdemeanor, it may be several weeks before you have a court appearance. If you are charged with a more serious felony, it could be months before you see a judge. If you don't Bond Out during that time, each and every day will be spent in confinement, following rules and possibly coexisting with people who have very serious crimes on their record. The wait can be the worst part.

THE CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE: Just being away from home is not the worst part. Being alone, the endless waiting, being misunderstood, and making strange "new friends" can be hard…you always have to watch your back!

Family/ Your Life : If you are bonded out, you have the ability to work, be with your family, and be able to hire an attorney to build a strong argument for your charges.

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When a person gets arrested and booked for a crime:

Person in a jail cell

  • They must wait in jail for the Police Department to set bond.
  • If they are not bonded out, they have to wait for a hearing where a Judge will set the bail amount. The Judge can raise or lower the bond amount as they see fit.
  • If a person cannot afford bail, they must wait in jail until their court date.

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But there is a better option:

Just call In and Out Bail Bonds

Call In And Out Bail Bonds!

Our Agents will take as much time as necessary to address all of your concerns and answer all of your questions. He or she will be happy to explain to you your options and to give you helpful advice in a no-pressure manner. If you opt to use our services, your agent will be able to post bail and minimize the time you or your loved one spends in jail, as well as explaining the easy payment plan option. We will also keep you informed of the progress and release process and clearly explain to the defendant their obligations to the court and to the bail bond agency once they get out of custody.

In and Out Bail Bonds will post the bond.

In and Out Bail Bonds Will Post the Bond

When you contact In and Out Bail Bonds have as much information as possible.

When you call have as much information available as possible

  • The full name of your loved one
  • Your loved one's Date of Birth
  • The Jail location or town where they have been arrested
  • The Inmate number for a Correctional Facility
  • The charges

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What do I pay?

The cost of a bond is regulated by the State

The State of Connecticut regulates fees paid for the purpose of posting bond. Rates are 10% for bonds up to $5,000 and 7% plus $150 over $5,000.

What about Collateral?

What can be used as collateral

  • In some cases, you may be asked to sign over collateral to our agent.
  • Collateral is property, like a house, car, fine art or jewelry.
  • This helps to guarantee the Defendant's appearance in court

In and Out Bail Bonds posts the bond and your loved one is released.

In most towns in Connecticut, release takes a very short time

This can take as little as 30 minutes, but may take longer in certain cities.

If the Defendant appears in court

If the Defendant Appears in Court

Then there is nothing to worry about.

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If the Defendant fails to appear for their court date

Failure of your loved one to appear could cause you to lose your collateral

Then In and Out Bail Bonds will locate the Defendant and, most likely, return them to jail. You could lose any collateral you signed over with the bond.

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When the trial is over

The bond is exonerated, or completed.

The bond is complete regardless of whether the defendant is found innocent or guilty.

Don't wind up here

Our clients speak highly of us

We offer 24-hour 365-day bond service. We are fast and reliable, courtious and respectful. No matter how your life may seem, it is always better when you are outside the cell.

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